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Aria Pro II Japan LP Goldtop type
Aria Pro II Japan LP Goldtop type
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 David Allen pickups & Effects   D Allen Powerage humbucker set.  D Allen Powerage humbucker set.
Now stocking David Allen pickups & effects.

Powerage Humbucker set with covers
POWERAGE Humbucker set made to bring a special tone from Angus early years with a bridge hotter then the usual TTop bridge. Neck 50mm approx 7.28k Bridge 50mm approx 7.8k both leads are vintage braided, ...
 $350.00  Add to Order 
 David Allen pickups & Effects   D Allen Specials Telecaster pickup set  D Allen Specials Telecaster pickup set
David Allen Telecaster replacement pickups now in stock.

The neck is made with alnico V magnets and 43 ga PE wire wound to 7.38 for a full tone with a very thin polished Nickle Silver cover. The Bridge is alnico 5's for a big full rounded tone wound with 42GA to 9k. This bridge can RAWK...
 $250.00  Add to Order 
 David Allen pickups & Effects   D Allen True `62 Stratocaster pickup set  D Allen True `62 Stratocaster pickup set
Tru '62 Strat Pickup Set
This set was made from close examination of a 1962 Strat that had "The Tone". Alnico 5 magnets and 42 ga wire all 3 are 52mm spaced. The middle pickup is NOT rw/rp so that it has that sweet "vintage" quack.

Accurate 1962 Strat tone...
 $285.00  Add to Order 
 David Allen pickups & Effects   David Allen Colt 51 Telecaster pickup set  David Allen Colt 51 Telecaster pickup set
Colt '51 Tele Pickup Set

This set was based on an actual 1951 Fender Tele set that had "The Sound". We learned a few interesting facts on the examination of the set of pickups especially in the bridge. There were some minor physical differences that had a huge influence on the Ton...
 $285.00  Add to Order 
 Joe Barden Enginerring   Joe Barden Danny Gatton Telecaster set  Joe Barden Danny Gatton Telecaster set
Danny Gatton T Style Pickups T Neck & T - Bridge Pickup Set. Black set & white set in stock.

The legendary Joe Barden pickup, originally designed for and used by Danny Gatton, exhibits Classic Tele twang, but with full output, incredible fidelity, and absolutely no hum or noise.
 $445.00  Add to Order 
 Joe Barden Enginerring   Joe Barden Engineeing Strat Set  Joe Barden Engineeing Strat Set
Deluxe Pickup Set for Stratocasters™. 1 x black in stock
The S - Deluxe pickups are for use in Strat™ and Strat - styled guitars. They fit into standard Stratocaster™ body routs without modification to the guitar.

Like all other Joe Barden double - blade designs, the pickups...
 $440.00  Add to Order 
 Joe Barden Enginerring   Joe Barden Modern T style pickup set  Joe Barden Modern T style pickup set
The Modern T-Bridge is a bridge pickup variant of the Gatton T-Style. It was originally designed for a leading artist who wanted more beef in the bridge position of his Tele, but did not want to sacrifice the great tone already offered by the Gatton T-Styles. The Modern T-Style bridge pickup fits ...
 $445.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar Imperial Humbucking SET, Chrome covers  Lollar Imperial Humbucking SET, Chrome covers
SET of 2 Lollar Nickel cover Imperial Humbuckers. Available in 2 or 4 conductor wiring, low wind & high wind, all in stock. Please call for more details

Captures the airy top end, tight lows, balanced midrange, and complex overtones of the best original PAF pickups. In reviews it is consisten...
 $395.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar Imperial Humbucking set-black- 4 conductor  Lollar Imperial Humbucking set-black- 4 conductor
Double Black Set with 4 conductor wiring.

Captures the airy top end, tight lows, balanced midrange, and complex overtones of the best original PAF pickups. In reviews it is consistently given high marks for its balanced frequency response. Unbalanced coils keep the bottom end tight for the ...
 $339.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar J Street Telecaster Bridge pickup  Lollar J Street Telecaster Bridge pickup
J-Street Tele Bridge
Long part of the Lollar “secret menu”, the J Street is now online! A hotter, fatter version of our popular Special T, the J adds more low end and upper midrange, with a top end that leans more towards the P90 and humbucker world. It pairs really nicely with our Regal humb...
 $150.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar Jazzmaster pickup SET  Lollar Jazzmaster pickup SET
Price is for 2 pickup SET.

Get the original fat sound with wide but short coils made to original specs. Radiused and graded Alnico 5 pole pieces. Overwound bridge pickup for fuller lead tone and a spankier middle position. Available in RWRP calibrated sets. Vintage style cloth covered lead...
 $280.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar Raw Power bridge position humbucker  Lollar Raw Power bridge position humbucker
The Stooges Raw Power album released in 1973 with guitarist James Williamson eventually gained a cult following in the years following its release and, like its predecessor (1970's Fun House), is generally considered an influential forerunner of punk rock.

James left the Les Paul used on ...
 $249.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar Regal Regal Humbucker - Fender wide-range replacement  Lollar Regal Regal Humbucker - Fender wide-range replacement
Available in both neck & bridge, price is per pickup.

After several years of research (and debating if the cost of tooling would be worth it), we’ve come up with our version of the classic "wide range" humbucker. They are fat and clear, with a nice top end sparkle. Great note bloom, with a vo...
 $255.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar Special "T" bridge pickup  Lollar Special "T" bridge pickup
Lollar Special T Series® Bridge Pickup
Higher output version of the Vintage T Series Bridge with a rounder top end, a little more midrange, and more bottom end. Roll the tone control back a bit and get a somewhat convincing P-90/vintage humbucker tone. Flat pole design with graded Alnico 5 magn...
 $149.00  Add to Order 
 Lollar Pickups   Lollar Strat pickup set  Lollar Strat pickup set
We stock Dirty Blond, Blackface, Blond & S all with parchment covers & flat pole pieces.Please specify when you place your order.

Our Special S Series offers a higher output Strat® pickup design with a deep thick tone, round highs, and smooth bottom that approaches a "Gibsonish" attack a...
 $330.00  Add to Order 
 Railhammer pickups   Railhammer Anvil Bridge pickup - chrome & black  Railhammer Anvil Bridge pickup - chrome & black
Both Chrome & black are in stock.

We took the Chisel platform and cranked up the windings another 15%. Now you have all the low end, thick mids, and smooth treble you expect from a high output beast. But this beast knows when to behave, offering up clarity and responsiveness unheard of in a...
 $135.00  Add to Order 
 Railhammer pickups   Railhammer Chisel Humbucker chrome & black  Railhammer Chisel Humbucker chrome & black
both neck & bridge , chrome & black are in stock, please specify when ordering.

Aggressive and thick, but with superb clarity, the Chisel sets a new standard for heavy rock and metal. Unlike the competition, you can dial in a tight clear tone on the wound strings without the plain strings s...
 $135.00  Add to Order 
 Railhammer pickups   Railhammer Pickups Tel 90 chrome  Railhammer Pickups Tel 90 chrome
We are now stocking Railhammer pickps, for TONAL Domination!

Both neck & bridge in stock
The classic vintage P90 tone, evolved to perfection and and fit it into a standard size humbucker box. All the fat lower mids, raw attack, and greasy tone you'd expect, plus the tonal balance and enhan...
 $135.00  Add to Order 
 Rio Grande   Rio Grande Tallboy Humbucker  Rio Grande Tallboy Humbucker
Yep, this one actually sounds half decent in the single-coil mode.

A true humbucking for people who will not compromise on the "single coil" mode of a standard humbucking type pickup. Fits a conventional humbucking cavity but when split to one coil gives you the sound of a "true" single coil....
 $179.00  Add to Order 
 Rio Grande   Rio Grande Texas Humbucker  Rio Grande Texas Humbucker
We got Tone for every position.

Genuine Texas Humbucker 2-Conductor
A bit less powerful than the BBQ, this one is ballsy and rich when wide open yet clean with lots of top and bottom when rolled back slightly. Fusion, Boogie, or down and out Blues City! Great neck position pickup w...
 $157.00  Add to Order 
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