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BOSS Japan `78 SP-1 Spectrum
BOSS Japan `78 SP-1 Spectrum
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 Demeter Amplifaction   Demeter DRV-2 Uber Driveulator  Demeter DRV-2 Uber Driveulator
DRV-2 Uber Drivulator

The Uberdriveulator is a much cleaner drive circuit with more headroom and can operate in two modes the Loose mode is similar to the tight mode of the Standard Overdrive but with a bit more headroom and the tight mode which has even more clean headroom and much mor...
 $175.00  Add to Order 
 Demeter Amplifaction   Demeter OD-1 OverDrivulator  Demeter OD-1 OverDrivulator
Dynamics, Range & Tone-without a 4558D chip!!

"The Over Driveulator came from the desire for the tone of the FOD-1 without the added mid-boost circuit. Featuring the Tight/Loose mini toggle to switch between silicon (Tight) or germanium (Loose) and featuring Drive, Volume and Tone knobs, Th...
 $169.00  Add to Order 
 J.Rockett Audio Designs   J.Rockett Mark Sampson MAX Expander/Boost  J.Rockett Mark Sampson MAX Expander/Boost
J.Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson MAX.

The Mark Sampson designed MAX pedal is a necessary tool for any player! It is a buffer / Boost / Harmonic Enhancer and can be used with Bass Guitar and Guitar since it passes low bass frequencies. You will notice an entire frequency expansion allowi...
 $149.90  Add to Order 
 KHDK   KHDK No 1 Overdrive  KHDK No 1 Overdrive
the No. 1 Overdrive features two gain controls that cascade the gain stages for a rich and harmonic overdrive. Gain one controls the first gain stage from a pure clean boost to a naturally compressing overdrive. Gain two shares one knob with the Bass control. It cleverly controls the gain and the lo...
 $229.00  Add to Order 
 Mojo Hand FX   Mojo Hand Magistrate Distortion  Mojo Hand Magistrate Distortion
The Magistrate features a full three band EQ for a wide range of tones ranging from “Brown Sound” to full on scooped mid chunkiness. The bass response stays nice and tight across the spectrum. Even at it’s more extreme settings it remains focused and amp-like. The Magistrate runs at 18v internally...
 $155.00  Add to Order 
 Mojo Hand FX   Mojo Hand Socrates Classic Distortion  Mojo Hand Socrates Classic Distortion
Mojo Hand FX Socrates Classic Distortion

The Socrates Classic Distortion is the fruit of many, many months of intense research and development, countless revisions and numerous prototypes. The original premise was to take the classic LM308 style circuit and give it more modern appointments a...
 $99.00  Add to Order 
 Neunaber Technology   N.O.S. Neunaber Echolon Mono Echo  N.O.S. Neunaber Echolon Mono Echo
New Old Stock V1

Imagine a glistening modulated delay fused with the warm high-frequency saturation of a tape echo, then add tap tempo and easy-to-use controls—that\'s what we did with the Echelon Echo. Tone Report Weekly calls the Echelon \"a lovely, lively pedal... a gorgeous sound all its...
 $199.00  Add to Order 
 Wampler Pedals   N.O.S. V1 Wampler U.S.A. Paisley Drive  N.O.S. V1 Wampler U.S.A. Paisley Drive
Paisley Drive finally in stock.

• High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
• Completely true bypass
• Battery connection and 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss)
• EXACTLY like Brad's pedal
• 3 knobs - Volume, Gain, T...
 $179.50  Add to Order 
 Pigtronix   Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator  Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator
Quantum Time Modulator -

Multi Dimension Chorus Horror Film Vibrato DynaFlanger

Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator produces a parallel universe of analog time stretching effects with only three knobs and a single switch. Reflecting the fundamental principals of modern atomic physi...
 $159.50  Add to Order 
 Wampler Pedals   Wampler U.S.A. V1 Lattitude Tremolo  Wampler U.S.A. V1 Lattitude Tremolo
With purity of tone found in the heart of the Latitude Deluxe, Wampler Brings to you the Latitude Standard.

With its smooth, creamy, and vocal like tremolo characteristics – the Latitude standard has the same “blackface” inspired tremolo as its big brother, the Latitude Deluxe, but in a s...
 $165.00  Add to Order 
 Wampler Pedals   Wampler V1  Clarksdale OD  Wampler V1 Clarksdale OD
At the crossroads of Highway 61 and Junction 49 lies the official crossroads of Clarksdale, Mississippi – the birthplace of the Delta Blues. This historic town, and the famous music that was created there, is responsible for the inspiration behind this pedal – The Clarksdale Overdrive.

 $165.00  Add to Order 
 Wren and Cuff   Wren & Cuff Irkalla Manifest Fuzz  Wren & Cuff Irkalla Manifest Fuzz
SHOP DEMO Irkalla Manifest Fuzz

Ahhhhh! Not another fuzz!!! (they said it, not me)

Yes, another fuzz, but a fuzz you can truly customize to fit your fuzzy needs with the meticulous attention to detail and constant revision-until-perfection that Wren and Cuff is known for. No slap...
 $179.00  Add to Order 
 Wren and Cuff   Wren & Cuff Mercy Phuk Overdrive  Wren & Cuff Mercy Phuk Overdrive
SHOP DEMO W&C Mercy Phuk with Full Factory Warranty

The Wren and Cuff Mercy Phuk answers the many requests we’ve received asking us to fill the gap between our muff-style heavy fuzzers and the slightly dirty grind of our Phat Phuk booster. Sticking with the one knob simplicity of the Phat Phu...
 $150.00  Add to Order 
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