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Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" series `62 Precision Bass R.I.
Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" series `62 Precision Bass R.I.
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 Edwards   ~SOLD~Edwards Japan E-LP-85CD LH LEFTY L.P. Custom type  ~SOLD~Edwards Japan E-LP-85CD LH LEFTY L.P. Custom type
ESP / Edwards Japan
Edwards E-LP-85CD BK L/H

Made in Japan
Factory Fitted Seymour Duncan SH-4 & SH-1N
It’s a lefty Edwards.. at last!!
Please get in touch for more pics, details etc...
 $1,450.00  Add to Order 
 Edwards   ~SOLD~Edwards Japan Flying V - left handed  ~SOLD~Edwards Japan Flying V - left handed
N.O.S. Edwards Flying V lefty... hate to say it, but have you seen another one recently? Comes with ESP gigbag & all the paperwork....
 $1,100.00  Add to Order 
 Edwards   ~SOLD~Edwards Japan Les Paul Custom type  ~SOLD~Edwards Japan Les Paul Custom type
Good solid instrument of ROCK.Black.

More details to follow....
 $990.00  Add to Order 
 Edwards   ~SOLD~Edwards Japan N.O.S. E-LP92SD/P Les Paul P90 type  ~SOLD~Edwards Japan N.O.S. E-LP92SD/P Les Paul P90 type
Brand New, Full Warranty Les Paul Standard Duncan P90 factory fitted.FULL WARRANTY & Edwards padded gigbag.

BODY (Top) Hard Maple (Back) Mahogany w/ Ivory Binding
NECK Mahogany
FNGERBORAD Rosewood, 22frets w/ Ivory Binding
SCALE 24.75 in...
 $1,650.00  Add to Order 
 Edwards   ~SOLD~Edwards Japan `08 Limited Model Les Paul Standard type LEF  ~SOLD~Edwards Japan `08 Limited Model Les Paul Standard type LEF
Excellent + condition, perfect for the lefty looking for a REAL guitar & finding the REAL brands aren't quite delivering... Twice that if you are left handed! This long neck tenon model also has the FACTORY fitted genuine Seymour Duncan SH-4 & SH-1n & real maple top, a killer combo of features that...
 $1,250.00  Add to Order 
 Edwards   ~SOLD~Edwards Japan `09 E-SA-125LTS Lacquer Finish ES-335 type  ~SOLD~Edwards Japan `09 E-SA-125LTS Lacquer Finish ES-335 type
Lacquer Series `09 Japan Produced ES 335 type with Seymour Duncan SH-14 in the bridge & SH-2n in the neck. Comes with after-market hardcase.

Yes, they really are that good, come on in and find out for yourself....
 $1,595.00  Add to Order 
 Epiphone   ~SOLD~Epiphone Japan Terada Casino Lefty - Left Handed  ~SOLD~Epiphone Japan Terada Casino Lefty - Left Handed
Is this going to be the 2nd dumbest thing i have ever done in my life?? I have been searching for one of these for YEARS & I finally found one.. and i got a mortgage... So, i am not going to think about it, I am just going to put it up for sale & see what happens. If you're a fellow lefty, you don't...
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Epiphone   ~SOLD~Epiphone Japan `95 Emperor Archtop  ~SOLD~Epiphone Japan `95 Emperor Archtop
Mint Conditon Terada made Archtop Masterpiece from the "lost" Epiphone Japan era of the mid `90's . Everything a current USA made guitar that cost's $1,000's more tries to be,but so often falls short. These are simply great, the sound of real wood, built by a Musical Instrument builder, not some poo...
 $1,995.00  Add to Order 
 Epiphone   ~SOLD~Epiphone Japan `99 Casino - Custom Colour  ~SOLD~Epiphone Japan `99 Casino - Custom Colour
Mint Condition Epiphone Japan Casino in White with white binding. Only one I have ever seen, probably the only one one of us will ever see.

Please get in touch for more details....
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Epiphone   ~SOLD~Epiphone Korea Casino - Left Handed w/ Bigsby B7  ~SOLD~Epiphone Korea Casino - Left Handed w/ Bigsby B7
Korean made Epiphone Casino with genuine USA Bigsby B7 added. Looks great in orig cherry red.
Comes with original hardcase.

More details to follow...
 $990.00  Add to Order 
 Epiphone   ~SOLD~Epiphone U.S.A. `64 Coronet  ~SOLD~Epiphone U.S.A. `64 Coronet
the absolutely cleanest example of the rare Epiphone Kalamazoo Coronet I have ever seen. NONE of the usual headstock breaks, heal cracks etc etc that ever other one i have ever seen had. 9+ condition, complete with original cardboard case.

Please get in touch for more pics details etc...
 $4,400.00  Add to Order 
 Epiphone   ~SOLD~Epiphone U.S.A. `64 Olympic Double  ~SOLD~Epiphone U.S.A. `64 Olympic Double
All the way from Kalamazoo to you in 100% unmolested condition. So few of these have survived in this condition, not even the usual headstock break. It even has it's original case. Please get in touch for more details & detailed pictures...
 $2,400.00  Add to Order 
 Epiphone   ~SOLD~Epiphone USA `65 Olympic Single  ~SOLD~Epiphone USA `65 Olympic Single
USA Kalamazoo made with REAL Wood? Check!...no breaks
Pickup? Check!... original (pots are too)
Strings? Check!...you need them
3 Chords? CHECK!!... to be added by buyer...
 $1,650.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender 2002 lefty '75 Jazz Bass.  ~SOLD~Fender 2002 lefty '75 Jazz Bass.
Nearly as rare as an original lefty bass of this type, this recent Japanese model has all the cool, for a fraction of the $. SOLID 3 piece ash body that gives a ringing sound that really can't be described in the English language,coupled looks that would stop a 70's funk-meister in their tracks. Pea...
 $1,550.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan "E" series Blue Flower `72 Stratocaster  ~SOLD~Fender Japan "E" series Blue Flower `72 Stratocaster
Beautiful, collectable, affordable, PLAYABLE Vintage! Well, as the beloved 60's and 70's Fender all disappear into bank vaults and super-funds, these guitars are the fun future of guitar collecting ,IMHO. 20+ year old vibe, great playing and sounding (of course-Fender Japan!) and still affordable fo...
 $1,290.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan "JV" series `72 Stratocaster R.I. ST72 Black  ~SOLD~Fender Japan "JV" series `72 Stratocaster R.I. ST72 Black
Absolutely MINT condition JV Fenders like this one are all but gone,esp with orig brown vinyl gigbags. more details to follow....
 $1,690.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan "L" series `52 Telecaster R.I. "Special"  ~SOLD~Fender Japan "L" series `52 Telecaster R.I. "Special"
Just like umm, you, know that guy's.. that Keef guy in that famous R*LLING ST*NES band, yea, just like his famous Tele, with the humbucker in the neck position, a brass 6 saddle bridge.. but, NO , it isn't a Signature Model, just ask Fender Japan. Official model is Tl-52 SPL & that's good enough for...
 $1,290.00  Add to Order 
 Fender   ~SOLD~Fender Japan '66 Block Inlay Jaguar  ~SOLD~Fender Japan '66 Block Inlay Jaguar
Look what literally walked (well was carried) through our front door a couple of weeks ago!! BIG... BOLD... BEAUTIFUL.... BLOCKS!!

Someone must have known we have a large soft spot for all things block inlay and Fender and if you look at this, you can understand why. A fabulous condition in...
 $1,550.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan 2001 Lefty Paisley Telecaster.  ~SOLD~Fender Japan 2001 Lefty Paisley Telecaster.
Without ever wanting to sound rude to my fellow leftys, I must use the phrase I have often heard in other “real” vintage guitar shops in reference to this particular instrument… “G F A”?!? What does that mean?? “Go find another”!!! .. Seriously, this is one of 2 known to be in Australia (again, I am...
 $1,750.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan C.I.J"S" series Jazzmaster R.I. LEFTY!  ~SOLD~Fender Japan C.I.J"S" series Jazzmaster R.I. LEFTY!
Another absolute "as new" lefty from my own collection.Happy Holidays, my fellow lefties!!!...
 $1,390.00  Add to Order 
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1 x Hipshot USA BT1 drop tune Music Man & G&L bases
1 x Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" series `62 Precision Bass R.I. Left Hand
1 x ~SOLD & soon to be rockin' again~Orville by Gibson `95 `74 Flyin
1 x ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. `68 Deluxe Reverb
1 x Fender Japan M.I.J. I series `72 Telecaster Custom R.I.
1 x Gibson U.S.A. '98 Explorer
1 x ~SOLD~ Fender U.S.A. `79 Deluxe Reverb
1 x ~HOLD~Gibson USA `66 SG Junior LEFTY left handed
1 x ~SOLD~VOX UK `97 AC-30
1 x D.O.D. Overdrive Preamp 250
1 x Fender Japan C.I.J. "R" series `75 Jazz Bass reissue Left Handed
1 x Fulltone USA 6' Speaker Cable
1 x Bigsby B3 Tremolo for thin archtop guitars
1 x Vibramate V5 adapter plate for Bigsby B5
1 x Gibson U.S.A. `00 Thunderbird Bass - White
1 x Alexander Pedals Amnesia Delay
1 x ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. Vibralux. Blackface era Circa 1967
1 x Hipshot USA Baby Grand guitar bridge chrome
1 x ~HOLD~GRETSCH Japan `13 G6128T-1962 Duo jet
1 x Bigsby B6 Vibrato
1 x ~SOLD~ Burny Japan L.P. Custom type - Black Beauty.
1 x ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. `71 Deluxe Reverb Amp
1 x ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. 1951 Princeton Amp
1 x Dawner Prince Boonar Echo
1 x HiWatt T-40 40 watt head
1 x BOSS Japan `78 OD-1 Silver screw
1 x Fernandes `82 TEJ TL-EXP type
1 x Fender Japan C.I.J. "S" series `70 Thinline Reissue Mahogany
1 x Fuji Gen Japan `12 J Standard Stratocaster type

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