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Providence Bass Boot Comp BTC-1
Providence Bass Boot Comp BTC-1
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 Vibramate   Vibramate VE-TEV-2-HB Bigsby adapter with humbucking pickup  Vibramate VE-TEV-2-HB Bigsby adapter with humbucking pickup
Fit a Bigsby B5 AND a bridge humbucker to your vintage 4 screw 3 saddle bridge Telecaster! Requires no holes to be drilled to fit the bisgby & a lot of newer Mexican Teles are already Factory routed for a humbucker under the bridge. Endless hours of fun!

We have these in both LEFT & RIGHT han...
 $120.00  Add to Order 
 Vibramate   Vibramate V7 mounting plate for B7 on Les Paul  Vibramate V7 mounting plate for B7 on Les Paul
Now you can install a Bigsby Vibrato on your carved top Les Paul® guitar without drilling any holes! The Vibramate V7-LP Model Mounting Kit is designed for a Bigsby B7 Original Vibrato and will fit most Standard Carved Top Les Paul® guitars with Stop Tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic Bridge.
 $89.00  Add to Order 
 Vibramate   Vibramate V5 LEFTY Stage II for Telecaster  Vibramate V5 LEFTY Stage II for Telecaster
Fit a Bigsby to your Vintage or Vintage type LEFT HANDED Telecaster without ANY EXTRA holes in the face! Fits Vintage 4 mounting hole, 3 saddle bridges, DOES NOT fit modern 3 hole 6 saddle American Standard guitars. Get in touch for a bundle price on this & a matching B5...
 $145.00  Add to Order 
 Vibramate   Vibramate V5 adapter plate for Bigsby B5  Vibramate V5 adapter plate for Bigsby B5
Yes, this pretty much IS the best thing since sliced bread!

Mount that Bigsby B5 you have ALWAYS wanted on your S.G or Les Paul AND not have holes in the top of your guitar!!!

 $100.00  Add to Order 
 Vibramate   vibramate Spoiler Stainless Steel  vibramate Spoiler Stainless Steel
The Vibramate String Spoiler is an ingenious little bracket designed to fit right onto your existing Bigsby vibrato without any modifications or special tools. It easily slips right into place and is held in position by the tension of the strings when tuned to pitch.
The Spoiler makes string ...
 $45.00  Add to Order 
 Vibramate   VibraMate LEFTY V5 kit. Mounting plate for left handed B5  VibraMate LEFTY V5 kit. Mounting plate for left handed B5
Yep, of course we got lefty models in!...
 $119.00  Add to Order 
 Raw Vintage   Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs  Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs
The wear and tear of parts from vintage guitars that were manufactured few decades ago can cause functionality problems. What vintage guitar users fear the most when these parts need to be replaced is if it will cause the sound to change significantly. RVTS-1 (5-pc set)
Wire Diameter : 1.3...
 $37.50  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot USA Kick Ass bass bridge  Hipshot USA Kick Ass bass bridge
Lovingly dedicated to the granddaddy of high mass bridges, Hipshot® is proud to offer the KickAss™ Bass Bridge. We spent years plus countless versions ensuring that this 'tribute' would possess the soul of the original without being a copy. The KickAss™ features the following.
Our unique ...
 $110.00  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot USA GB7 bass drop tuner chrome  Hipshot USA GB7 bass drop tuner chrome
Retrofits Gotoh GB7 tuning machines. Fits many Ibanez, Yamaha, Epiphone, Peavey, Modulus, Schecter, and Warwick bass guitars....
 $119.00  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot USA BT8 drop tuner for USA Standad basses 2008 on  Hipshot USA BT8 drop tuner for USA Standad basses 2008 on
Retrofits 2008 and newer Fender American Standard Precision and Jazz Bass 4 string models....
 $115.00  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot USA BT3 drop tuner for Vintage Fender Bass  Hipshot USA BT3 drop tuner for Vintage Fender Bass
Drop tune your pre-CBS Fender & USA Vintage reissue P & J bass equipped with reverse winding Kluson tuning machines....
 $110.00  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot USA BT1 drop tune Music Man & G&L bases  Hipshot USA BT1 drop tune Music Man & G&L bases
Drop tune your Music Man or G & L with the BT1....
 $110.00  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot USA Baby Grand guitar bridge chrome  Hipshot USA Baby Grand guitar bridge chrome
The Baby Grand Guitar Bridge elegantly designed by master guitar luthier Chris Hofscheider, retrofits on Gibson style stud mount guitars (3 1/4'' stud spacing)....
 $135.00  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot Tremsetter for Fender Stratocaster  Hipshot Tremsetter for Fender Stratocaster
Play a Strat? Use the trem?? then you need one of these!

The Hipshot Tremsetter This amazingly simple device will fix all your tremolo issues and improve the tone on any tremolo equipped guitar.
The Tremsetter greatly improves guitar performance by automatically returning your full ...
 $55.00  Add to Order 
 Hipshot   Hipshot Standard B-bender  Hipshot Standard B-bender
Brand new Hipshot products IN STOCK again. Not only the bass d-tuners but the amazing Tele string bender, the product that hipshot actaully started with.

Chrome Hipshot Standard B-Bender with Drop D Lever. With only a slight movement of your guitar, Hipshot accurately bends your second strin...
 $270.00  Add to Order 
 Fulltone   Fulltone USA 6' Speaker Cable  Fulltone USA 6' Speaker Cable
Speaker Cables

When it comes to speaker cables... Bigger is Better. But don't look at the outer skin (which other manufacturers beef up to make it look like they're packing something potent), look at the size of the copper strand inside. The Fulltone SC-6 is 6 ft. of thick, 14 AWG very p...
 $65.00  Add to Order 
 Fulltone   Fulltone 15' Straight to Straight guitar cable  Fulltone 15' Straight to Straight guitar cable
Fulltone Guitar Cables-LIFETIME WARRANTY

Cables have a way of putting their own unique stamp on your sound and they do all sound just a little bit different from one another. Some have too much Highs, some not enough, while others have tremendous Bottom-end, at the same time sounding flat...
 $59.00  Add to Order 
 Fulltone   Fulltone 12" patch cable  Fulltone 12" patch cable
Get ALL the tone you paid for in those pedals! Unconditional LIFETIME in shop Warranty on all Fulltone cables we sell....
 $22.90  Add to Order 
 Bigsby   Bigsby U.S.A.  B7 left handed  Bigsby U.S.A. B7 left handed
New Lefty B7 chrome...
 $320.00  Add to Order 
 Bigsby   Bigsby B7 for solid body and archtop guitars  Bigsby B7 for solid body and archtop guitars
Brand New U.S.A. made Bigsby Vibrato. Nickel IN STOCK.

Bigsby B7 Vibrato W/Tension Bar, Nickel, No Bridge, Solid Body & Thin Archtop Guitars....
 $269.00  Add to Order 
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