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Greco Japan `90 RG-800 RIC 360 type
Greco Japan `90 RG-800 RIC 360 type
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 Heavy Electronics   Heavy Electronics Saturn  Heavy Electronics Saturn
The Saturn is the electronic gateway to deep-space guitar modulation. Ultra-wide frequency band (FREQ) allows for all kinds of modulation reactions. Modulated tone is balanced with a full wet/dry mix control (MIX). Both the clean and the modulated signals are J-FET buffered. This mix is then passed ...
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 Other   Hemida Zendrive by Lovepedal  Hemida Zendrive by Lovepedal
Hermida audio technology zendrive- Newest Version by Lovepedal

The standard in dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive pedals. Cut through the mix with the incomparable Zendrive. Inspired by a legendary guitarist, the Zendrive delivers blues, country, jazz and fusion tones associated with some...
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 Other   Honda Sound Works HSW Japan Mad Fuzz  Honda Sound Works HSW Japan Mad Fuzz
You\'ll not find rarer or madder that this crazy little chrome blighter! Yep, it comes out of the FACTORY held together with a rubber band........
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 Ibanez   Ibanez 10 series L.A. Metal  Ibanez 10 series L.A. Metal
Rare & Collectable Ibanez 10 series LM-7 L.A. Metal. In Good + condition, 100% working order. Made in Taiwan.Why it's a LM-7 & not a LM-10 is one of the great mysteries of the modern world...
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan 10 series DL-10 Digital Delay  Ibanez Japan 10 series DL-10 Digital Delay
`80s Digital Delay-DEFINED. Love or hate digital delay, this one has THE `80s sound down. In good-very good condition, made in Japan ,100% original circuit & in 100% working order....
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan 10 series DML-20  Ibanez Japan 10 series DML-20
Orig M.I.J. DML 20 Digital Modulation Delay. In very good + conditon & 100% working order.

YOUR secret signature sound IS hiding in this pedal!
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan CS-9 Stereo Chorus - Maxon production  Ibanez Japan CS-9 Stereo Chorus - Maxon production
One of the 2 Chorus pedals that defined the `80s sound. A well used example that is still in original condition & in fully working order. Has a hole drilled in the base-plate, but not through to the circuit board. From the "Maxon" battery clip era....
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan FC-10 10 series Fat Cat Distortion  Ibanez Japan FC-10 10 series Fat Cat Distortion
Rare FC-10 Fat Cat Distortion from the M.I.J. 10 series of effects. Excellent Plus - Mint Condition, complete with orig box, instructions & guarantee card.
In 100% working order....
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan PH-10 Bi-Mode Phaser  Ibanez Japan PH-10 Bi-Mode Phaser
Great ``80's sounding analog phaser in near mint condition. With original box. Made in Japan, 100% original circuit.

from the effects database

the Ibanez Power Series pocket manual
The Ibanez PH10 Phase Shifter is the phase shifter of the '80s. It features a mode...
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan SC-10 Super Stereo Chorus 10 series  Ibanez Japan SC-10 Super Stereo Chorus 10 series
More `80's chorus mania,this time in stereo! in good condition for age, some velcro residue on the bottom. Please get in touch for more details in needed....
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan Stereo Box Panner "first series"  Ibanez Japan Stereo Box Panner "first series"
Very rare & very collectable Ibanez "First Series" Stereo Box panning pedal. In near mint conditon & in 100% working order. Only one we have seen in nearly 8 years....
 $390.00  Add to Order 
 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan TC-10 Twin Cam Chorus  Ibanez Japan TC-10 Twin Cam Chorus
Rare & Collectable Ibanez Made in Japan `80's Chorus. In good condition, 100% working order....
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan TS-9 Tube Screamer reissue  Ibanez Japan TS-9 Tube Screamer reissue
The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is a reissue that's just like the original in so many ways. Same housing, same famous seasick-green paint, and the same crankin' overdrive that made the original one of the all-time classic pedals. Guitar Player called it the best. Plug it in. Crank it up. You'll hear wh...
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 Ibanez   Ibanez Taiwan 10 series LM-7 L.A. Metal  Ibanez Taiwan 10 series LM-7 L.A. Metal
The Infamous L.A. Metal, the 10 series that is a 7. Loved by the chosen few (Analog Mike?).. make that play, state your case, it is of the 1980's and the Metal! (actually sounds like a trashy fuzz, we love it!!)...
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 Ibanez   Ibanez TS-9 30th Anniversary Tube Screamer  Ibanez TS-9 30th Anniversary Tube Screamer
Rare & collectable Made in Japan Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer with orig box . Metallic Green paint has marks on both sides near input & output jacks. In 100% working order with 100% original circuit....
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    Ibanez Tubescreamer , Ibanez TS 808.TS 9.Fulltone OCD. FullDrive  Ibanez Tubescreamer , Ibanez TS 808.TS 9.Fulltone OCD. FullDrive
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 JHS Pedals   JHS Emperor Analog Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo  JHS Emperor Analog Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo
We are proud to bring you the Emperor true analog chorus and pitch vibrato with tap tempo, waveform selection, rotary speaker simulation, true stereo output and more. Starting with the coveted vintage Arion SCH-1 chorus topology, the Emperor's design and engineering expands further into new heights ...
 $399.00  Add to Order 
 JHS Pedals   JHS Honeycomb Deluxe  JHS Honeycomb Deluxe
Just like our discontinued Honey Comb Single, the Honey Comb Deluxe gives you true vintage analog tone and ease of operation that will open up a new pallet of sounds reminiscent of early Fender blackface and vintage Vox tremolo circuits from years gone by. The only difference is that this one has th...
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 JHS Pedals   JHS Moonshine OVerdrive  JHS Moonshine OVerdrive
Are you looking for an overdrive that is not transparent and adds its own character and attitude? The Moonshine is for you. Our Moonshine Overdrive is a highly unique and massively tweaked version of the most famous overdrive ever created and housed in a little green enclosure. Blues, rock, country,...
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 JHS Pedals   JHS Panther Cub Analog Dely  JHS Panther Cub Analog Dely
In 2011 we released the Panther Analog Delay. Almost exactly two years later we tried a nearly impossible feat of taking everything we love about the Panther Delay, making a few improvements, and packaging it into a enclosure half the size. We are proud to bring to you the Panther Cub. True Bucket...
 $485.00  Add to Order 
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