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MI Audio Boost N Buff
MI Audio Boost N Buff
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 BOSS   BOSS Japan PH-1 Phaser August `79  BOSS Japan PH-1 Phaser August `79
Rounded Silver Screw Era BOSS Japan long dash version PH-1 Phaser. August 1979 production with Temporary LED, i.e. the LED blinks as the pedal is turned on & off. It DOES NOT stay on. A few marks on the lid from perished original rubber O ring. Now replaced. In 100% working order, one of the warm...
 $240.00  Add to Order 
    BOSS Japan PS-2 Digital Shifter / Delay  BOSS Japan PS-2 Digital Shifter / Delay
Near mint condition with orig box & some Japanese paperwork,December 1990 production with blue label. 100% working order , 100% original circuit....
 $195.00  Add to Order 
 BOSS   BOSS Japan SP-1 Spectrum  BOSS Japan SP-1 Spectrum
BOSS's rarest pedal in very good + condtion. NO serial number, which is unusual ,but not unheard of. Round silver screw & 1st generation black label date it pre 1981. More pictures available on request....
 $550.00  Add to Order 
 BOSS   BOSS Japan `80 GE-6 Silver Screw  BOSS Japan `80 GE-6 Silver Screw
BOSS Japan `80 Silver Screw era GE-6 Grapic EQ

Rare & Collectible early Silver Screw Series BOSS GE-6 Graphic Equalizer in very good + condition.
Made in Japan ,100% original circuitry & in 100% working order. Considered by many to be the best sounding EQ ever built by BOSS....
 $239.00  Add to Order 
 BOSS   BOSS Japan `84 DD-2 Digital Delay  BOSS Japan `84 DD-2 Digital Delay
Early BOSS DD-2 from the first 12 months of production. Back label is missing , rest of pedal in very good + condition. 100% working order, no scratchy pots etc. Please get in touch for more pics & details...
 $220.00  Add to Order 
 BOSS   BOSS Japan `84 DM-3 Analog Delay  BOSS Japan `84 DM-3 Analog Delay
A fine example of what is THE defining Analog Delay for many players. Produced in June `84, in very good to excellent condition. In 100% working order, 100% original circuit & components....
 $375.00  Add to Order 
 BOSS   BOSS PN-2 Tremolo/Pan  BOSS PN-2 Tremolo/Pan
BOSS Taiwan PN-2 Tremolo Pan in Excellent Condition. A few very minor marks to 1 side & back. In 100% working order. May 1990 production....
 $250.00  Add to Order 
 BOSS   BOSS Vintage SG-1 Slow Gear  BOSS Vintage SG-1 Slow Gear
Early (1979) Silver Screw example of one of BOSS rarest and most misunderstood pedals. This is the earliest version, the LED only blinks once when it's turned on. In 100% working orders, above average cosmetic condition for age....
 $650.00  Add to Order 
 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Classic Delay  BYOC Classic Delay
This is an incredibly easy-to-build delay that sounds amazing. It uses the PT2399 digital delay chip which is revered by DIYers and boutique builders for its ability to deliver analog tone with the simplicity of a single digital chip. Capable of 300ms of delay time, this pedal is ideal for slapback,...
 $89.00  Add to Order 
 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Divided Octave Kit  BYOC Divided Octave Kit
Before there was the P.O.G., there was the Mutron Octave Divider. It had an octave down, an octave up, and a dry mix. We took the Mutron Octave Divider and keep the circuit 100% original, but added some improvements. The BYOC Divided Octave is housed in a 1610 size enclosure, so it's much smaller th...
 $132.00  Add to Order 
 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Lazy Sprocket  BYOC Lazy Sprocket
We are now stocking & selling BYOC effects kits.

The SG-1 Slow Gear is one of BOSS' rarest vintage pedals and has become very collectible and expensive. It is a Envelope volume swell effect, which means it automatically swells the volume up when it recognizes your pick attack. It is not...
 $93.50  Add to Order 
 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Mouse Kit- Vintage Big Box Rat type distortion/overdrive  BYOC Mouse Kit- Vintage Big Box Rat type distortion/overdrive
Want your pedal pre-assembled? Send an email & we will quote for assembly.

Rat clones are quickly becoming the new "it" distortion pedal of the boutique world. The circuit is easy to modify, has a huge range of distortion tones, and just sounds really good. The BYOC mouse kit has a 6-way ...
 $110.00  Add to Order 
 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Scambled Octave - Ampeg Scrambler type kit  BYOC Scambled Octave - Ampeg Scrambler type kit
BYOC Scrambled Octave

In addition to being an extremely rare and expensive vintage effect, the Ampeg Scrambler is also an extremely cool octave up fuzz. The actual fuzz itself is very unique. Like most octave fuzzes, it's a very rude, nasty, ripping-velco sort of fuzz. But unlike most ot...
 $89.00  Add to Order 
 Other   Cioks AC-10  Cioks AC-10
In stock now...
 $299.00  Add to Order 
 Other   Cioks DC-10 Power Supply  Cioks DC-10 Power Supply
Brand new & in stock...
 $299.00  Add to Order 
    Crews Maniac Sound Texas Tornado  Crews Maniac Sound Texas Tornado
Yet another boutique overdrive pedal from Japan, a country where overdrive research must be Government funded. The Texas Tornado gives a pretty good reproduction of that famous tones, without winding a bank of vintage Fenders to 10. BTW, how could you not love a pedal with "Maniac Sound" written on ...
 $225.00  Add to Order 
 Crowther Audio   Crowther Audio Hotcake  Crowther Audio Hotcake
The Hotcake was first produced in 1976, while Paul Crowther was in the UK with the band, Split Enz. The Hotcake is designed to leave the undistorted component of the guitar sound unchanged, while providing a nice fat distortion sound without resorting to a treble cut circuit which will also affect t...
 $219.00  Add to Order 
 Crowther Audio   Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard  Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard
The Prunes & Custard is a two-stage circuit. There is a preamp stage , 
the gain of which is adjusted with the Drive control.
This stage is followed by a special waveshaping distortion circuit. There is some treble roll-off between the preamp and the special distortion circuit. ...
 $239.00  Add to Order 
 Other   D.O.D. Overdrive Preamp 250  D.O.D. Overdrive Preamp 250
Orig 2nd issue DOD 250 Overdrive in near mint condition. Please get in touch for pictures of internals....
 $250.00  Add to Order 
 Other   Dallas-Arbiter Grey Fuzz Face- reissue  Dallas-Arbiter Grey Fuzz Face- reissue
Dave Fox era reissue, now nearly as collectible as the originals. In 100% working order,100% original, sounds great and with original box.When you put the right bits in the right place Fuzzfaces sound truly AWESOME!!

Check the AnalogMan site for the whole story, makes great reading!!...
 $660.00  Add to Order 
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