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Korg Japan CHR-1 Stereo Analog Chorus
Korg Japan CHR-1 Stereo Analog Chorus
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    Ibanez Tubescreamer , Ibanez TS 808.TS 9.Fulltone OCD. FullDrive  Ibanez Tubescreamer , Ibanez TS 808.TS 9.Fulltone OCD. FullDrive
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    ~SOLD~ Roland RE 201 Space Echo  ~SOLD~ Roland RE 201 Space Echo
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 MOEN   MOEN Deep Blue Overdrive  MOEN Deep Blue Overdrive
True Bypass and great tone under $100.00?? Yep, not all pedals out of China are crap.These guys know tone and they back the product with full warranty.

This effects pedal is perfect for a rock, blues or jazz guitarist. The overdrive controlled by the Drive knob produces the classic smooth har...
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 MOEN   MOEN Pretty Dolly delay  MOEN Pretty Dolly delay
500ms hybrid delay, true bypass AND sounds good for under $100.00?? Look out TRex!!

The MOEN Pretty Dolly Hybrid Analogue Delay features a maximum of 500ms of delay time and can be adjusted using the Time knob. The Blend knob adjusts the level of the delayed return and the Repeat knobs sets t...
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 Movall   Movall Audio Centipede Analog Delay  Movall Audio Centipede Analog Delay
The BEST sounding Delay of the New Wave of Mini Pedals that are all the fashions at the moment.

Centipede MM-04

Analog delay
MINI size
True by pass
Zinc alloy outer housing
Cool LED transparent knob
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 Movall   Movall Audio Hornet Overdrive  Movall Audio Hornet Overdrive
Unique sounding Mini pedal type overdrive NOT based on an 808 circuit.

from the effects database.

Based on the Lovepedal Kalamazoo – this high gain overdrive gives a big top/bottom end overdrive, scoops out the mid and is all about power
The more sting you dial into this ped...
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 MOOER   MOOER Pitch Box  MOOER Pitch Box
VERY Small & exquisite.. Time for the Tone Hounds & Cork Sniffers to face the facts..not all Chinese pedals are rubbish...and vis-versa! The whole range is killer sounding & true bypass & takes up such a small space. Perfect for that special sound you only use on that one song that you don't even pl...
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 MOOER   Mooer Yellow Comp  Mooer Yellow Comp
Optical Compressor pedal
True Bypass
10ma draw...
 $85.00  Add to Order 
 Pigtronix   Pigtronix Echolution 2 Remote  Pigtronix Echolution 2 Remote

The Echolution 2 remote switch is a two button momentary controller that allows instantaneous access to your top 4 presets in each bank on the Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe. The E2 Remote also facilitates the Echolution 2′s “Freeze” function as...
 $85.00  Add to Order 
 Pigtronix   Pigtronix Infinity Remote Switch  Pigtronix Infinity Remote Switch
The Infinity Remote Switch is a dual momentary switch designed to compliment the Infinity Looper pedal. Unleashing the full potential of the Pigtronix Infinity Looper, this compact remote switch provides access to UNDO / REDO and REVERSE functionality as well as a few other hidden features....
 $85.00  Add to Order 
 Artec   Artec SE-VTM Vintage Tremolo  Artec SE-VTM Vintage Tremolo
If you can find a better sounding,TRUE BYPASS trem pedal at this price, buy me one!!

SE-VTM Vintage Tremolo
We apply SE-VTM Vintage Tremolo to Optical Device of traditional way. This makes clean and noiseless tremolo.When in little input it can change to Zero-Width-Mode from the LO...
 $89.00  Add to Order 
 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Classic Delay  BYOC Classic Delay
This is an incredibly easy-to-build delay that sounds amazing. It uses the PT2399 digital delay chip which is revered by DIYers and boutique builders for its ability to deliver analog tone with the simplicity of a single digital chip. Capable of 300ms of delay time, this pedal is ideal for slapback,...
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 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Scambled Octave - Ampeg Scrambler type kit  BYOC Scambled Octave - Ampeg Scrambler type kit
BYOC Scrambled Octave

In addition to being an extremely rare and expensive vintage effect, the Ampeg Scrambler is also an extremely cool octave up fuzz. The actual fuzz itself is very unique. Like most octave fuzzes, it's a very rude, nasty, ripping-velco sort of fuzz. But unlike most ot...
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 Artec   Artec SE-ADL Analog Delay  Artec SE-ADL Analog Delay
True Bypass, pure Analog, under $100?? We never had it so good in the olden days of the '80's!!

SE-ADL Analog Delay
Group : Echo, Delay
Tone : Clean

SE-ADL revives the feeling of ANALOG DELAY in t...
 $89.95  Add to Order 
 BYOC Build Your Own Clone   BYOC Lazy Sprocket  BYOC Lazy Sprocket
We are now stocking & selling BYOC effects kits.

The SG-1 Slow Gear is one of BOSS' rarest vintage pedals and has become very collectible and expensive. It is a Envelope volume swell effect, which means it automatically swells the volume up when it recognizes your pick attack. It is not...
 $93.50  Add to Order 
 Joyo Electronics   Joyo JP-02 Power Supply  Joyo JP-02 Power Supply
1. Ten Isolated Outputs
2. Isolated Short Circuit/Overload Protected
3. Powers For 9V、12V or 18V PEDAL
4. Bright Blue LED For Pedal Board Lighting & Short Circuit Indicator
5.Includes Cables...
 $95.00  Add to Order 
 MOOER   MOOER Ninety Orange  Phase  MOOER Ninety Orange Phase
ŸFull analog circuit, warm, deep, rich phasing tone
2 Working Modes: Vintage/Modern
Vintage: 1974 vintage phasing tone, warm and psychedelic
Modern: Modern feeling phaser, rich and deep

ŸFull metal shell
ŸVery small and exquisite
ŸTrue by...
 $95.00  Add to Order 
 guyatone   guyatone BL-2 Bottom Limiter  guyatone BL-2 Bottom Limiter
Brand new Guyatone-Japanese build and quality at a Taiwanese price.

BR> Tired of putting holes in your speakers as well as the backbeat of your band? The BL-2 Bottom Limiter will reign in that aggressive Slap and Pop technique and leave a ...
 $98.00  Add to Order 
 guyatone   Guyatone Sustainer D  Guyatone Sustainer D
Brand new Guyatone pedals, in box, with all papers AND Australian warranty.


The SD-2 combines compression and distortion into one pint-sized pedal that adds Arena-sized tone and endless sustain to any rig! At maximum Gain settings the SD-...
 $98.00  Add to Order 
 Artec   Artec Octave Drive Pedal  Artec Octave Drive Pedal
Just as well I ordered 2 of these in, the 1st ones going home with me! If you are chasing a certain guys sub-octave-distorto-fuzz-tone, this nails it for under $100.00.

Octave Drive

- Vintage type lower octave modulation
- Lower octave modulation phase selector s...
 $99.00  Add to Order 
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