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MI Audio Boost N Buff
MI Audio Boost N Buff
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 sobbat   ~SOLD~sobbat Glow-Vibe GV-1  ~SOLD~sobbat Glow-Vibe GV-1
One of the rarest modern pedals.
You either know what it is and think I am crazy for selling it or no idea what it is and think I am crazy for trying to sell something with "Monkey Dance System" on the front for so much money....
 $995.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Shin-ei Fuzz Wah  ~SOLD~Shin-ei Fuzz Wah
The Legend amongst Fuzz-Wah Legends.. as used by Ross Knight....
 $395.00  Add to Order 
    ~SOLD~Roland Space Echo RE 201  ~SOLD~Roland Space Echo RE 201

Another Roland RE 201 Space Echo? Yes and these are the ones every alt. studio is chasing these days. For good reason, no amount of “modeling” and computer chips will EVER reproduce this sound. Get one while they still affordable..

now, if only we could find the elusive RE...
 $950.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Roland RE150 Space Echo  ~SOLD~Roland RE150 Space Echo
The ultimate tape echo machine for the studio?? The RE 150 is probably the least famous of the echoes from this period. It is really a studio machine, being the only one of the early series with a dedicated "echo only" output. The later 501's and 555's had it, but many people think they are over -sp...
 $895.00  Add to Order 
 Roland Vintage   ~SOLD~Roland Japan RE-201 Space Echo  ~SOLD~Roland Japan RE-201 Space Echo
Recently imported, converted & serviced & in 100% working order. Please get in touch for more details....
 $1,100.00  Add to Order 
 Roland Vintage   ~SOLD~Roland Japan RE 101 Space Echo  ~SOLD~Roland Japan RE 101 Space Echo
Despite pushing 30+ years old, these are still the "shnizzle". Tape works, tape sounds the best & these will probably out-live most of us. I actually prefer the RE-101 to the 201, 301, etc, because I honestly think the LACK of reverb & tone circuits make for a better sounding echo & less noise....
 $895.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Roland Japan c1970 RE 200 Space Echo  ~SOLD~Roland Japan c1970 RE 200 Space Echo
THE original Space Echo- THE dub machine.. the later & much more common RE-201 has nothing on this one in terms of tape saturation and sound on sound on sound mayhem. Even the reverb on these ones is great. A truly rare find in 100% working order....
 $1,250.00  Add to Order 
    ~SOLD~Roland Chorus Echo 301  ~SOLD~Roland Chorus Echo 301
Absolute classic from the mid '70's. Now highly sought after for studio work,as well as for live guitar. Certainly not pristine on the outside, but in 100% working order and sounds GREAT. A gem that is really starting to appriciate, now is the time to grab one. BTW, the last absolutley MINT RE 201 w...
 $900.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Pearl AD-80 Analog Delay  ~SOLD~Pearl AD-80 Analog Delay
Rare & Collectable Japanese Made original 1980's Pearl AD-80 Analog Delay in Very Good + ~ Excellent - condition.

Of course in 100% working order.Much harder to find than BOSS DM-2 & DM-3 & it's tone is often favoured over those....
 $250.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Pearl AD-08 Analog Delay  ~SOLD~Pearl AD-08 Analog Delay
For me, one of the great joys of doing what I do, is finding the undiscovered gems in the world of pedals and such. Sure, orig 808s,BOSS VBs & SGs are way cool to get hold of and play about with, but what about something old that sounds great, hasn't been used by hero guitar players yet and is stil...
 $240.00  Add to Order 
 MXR   ~SOLD~MXR U.S.A. `79 Script Logo Distortion +  ~SOLD~MXR U.S.A. `79 Script Logo Distortion +
Vintage MXR made in the USA Script Logo Distortion Plus in above average condition for age, showing general marks and wear. Pot dates from 1979 . Anti-slip pad attached to back.

In 100% working order....
 $280.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Moog MoogerFooger Analog Delay  ~SOLD~Moog MoogerFooger Analog Delay
the Holy Grail of Analog Delays. Only one we have had in 8 years, they were expensive when they were produced & prices have climbed steadily since production stopped. In 100% working order, casing shows a few nicks & marks.Model 104.

Comes with reverse polarity 9volt power supply....
 $990.00  Add to Order 
 Maxon   ~SOLD~Maxon Vintage AD-80 Analog Delay w/box  ~SOLD~Maxon Vintage AD-80 Analog Delay w/box
Want warm delay TONE for a change? Like the girl at the local convenience store where you buy batteries?? This great pedal can give you both! This is THE vintage analog delay circuit for many player (inc me) and the 2 battery 18 volt operation means you will be buying batteries twice as often! Some ...
 $440.00  Add to Order 
 Maxon   ~SOLD~Maxon Japan `80's The Driver Distotion / Overdrive  ~SOLD~Maxon Japan `80's The Driver Distotion / Overdrive
Rare & Collectable Japanese Made original 1980's Maxon The Driver OD-01 Overdrive / Distortion in Very Good ~ Very Good+ condition.
Of course in 100% working order....
 $210.00  Add to Order 
 Maxon   ~SOLD~Maxon Japan ST01 Super Tube Screamer  ~SOLD~Maxon Japan ST01 Super Tube Screamer
Rare & Collectible Maxon 01 series Super Tube Screamer in very good + condition. Made in Japan ,100% original circuitry & in 100% working order....
 $230.00  Add to Order 
Rare & Collectible Maxon 01 series Super Tube Screamer in very good + condition. Made in Japan ,100% original circuitry & in 100% working order. Few very faint marks on one side....
 $235.00  Add to Order 
 Maxon   ~SOLD~Maxon Japan SD-01 Sonic Distortion  ~SOLD~Maxon Japan SD-01 Sonic Distortion
Rare & collectable MAXON 01 series SD-01 Sonic Distortion. 100% original circuitry & 100% working order. Analog Brilliance.

Please get in touch for more details....
 $199.00  Add to Order 
 Maxon   ~SOLD~Maxon Japan AD-01 Analog Delay  ~SOLD~Maxon Japan AD-01 Analog Delay
Very rare & collectable `80/90's Analog Delay from when NO-ONE wanted Analog! In very good + ~ excellent condition.
In 100% working order with original box....
 $330.00  Add to Order 
 Maxon   ~SOLD~Maxon AD-80, early `80's Analog Delay  ~SOLD~Maxon AD-80, early `80's Analog Delay
Everything you have heard and more. Incredibly warm delay, subtle echoes, to complete sonic mayhem!

The ORIGINAL 18 VOLT powered monster!...
 $395.00  Add to Order 
 Maxon   ~SOLD~Maxon AD 900 analogue delay  ~SOLD~Maxon AD 900 analogue delay
MAXON AD 900 Analog Delay. If you are reading this, you probably know what yo are looking at and why you should buy it! These are the be all,end all and favourite in this shop of ANY Analog delay ,past or present. And given our dedication to tape delay and love of most things old and noisy, we te...
 $430.00  Add to Order 
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