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~SOLD~Fulltone U.S.A. `69 Slight Return Fuzz
~SOLD~Fulltone U.S.A. `69 Slight Return Fuzz
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 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `00 Model 4003 Bass - Fireglo  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `00 Model 4003 Bass - Fireglo
Year 2000 USA produced Model 4003 in Fireglo. Has been played , has player marks & small dings here & there, but no major damage , no buckle-rash & frets are in very good condition. Comes with original RIC case....
 $2,490.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker USA `98 Model 4003 FireGlo  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker USA `98 Model 4003 FireGlo
Well, I won't say they just keep on coming ,but this is about the 7th Rick bass we have had in this year, more than most! In great condition for age why buy it if you are gonna play it??) really vibrant FireGlo finish, original ABS RIC case. Always wanted one?? Now is the time, Global Vintage is cer...
 $2,480.00  Add to Order 
 Nash Guitars   Nash Guitars U.S.A. PB-55 Sunburst  Nash Guitars U.S.A. PB-55 Sunburst
Ash body /2 tone sunburst nitro finish
Full C maple neck
Black 1 ply pickguard
Lollar pickup

Aftermarket hardcase...
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Guild & De Armond   ~SOLD~Guild U.S.A. B4CE LEFTY Left handed  ~SOLD~Guild U.S.A. B4CE LEFTY Left handed
`96 Lefty Guild Westerly Made B4CE-NT. Are you serious??

1 of supposedly 5-6 ever made, but I think there may be a few more...like maybe 10...or even 20 out there!!

Comes with heavy duty gigbag,please get in touch for more details...
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Ibanez   ~SOLD~Ibanez Japan `83  Musician Bass lefty left handed  ~SOLD~Ibanez Japan `83 Musician Bass lefty left handed
EVER seen another one of these ANYWHERE EVER?? I certainly haven't!...
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Maton `80's JB-4 fretless bass  ~SOLD~Maton `80's JB-4 fretless bass
The JB-4 bass must have been one of Maton's most successful models pre the current Mastersounds, I am old enough to remember when just aout every 2nd band you saw was playing one! And for good reason! They were made of fine tonewood, played wonderfully,they sure looked the part in the day and they s...
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Gibson   ~SOLD~Gibson U.S.A. `75 Ripper Bass  ~SOLD~Gibson U.S.A. `75 Ripper Bass
The Real sound of Real WOOD, made electrical. Kinda looks like your kitchen table fromte `70s, kinda sounds like what it would sound like if you strung it up with 4 strings & some pickups. 4 position gives a totally non-incredible range of sounds which all sound awesome, but kinda the same. Get some...
 $1,870.00  Add to Order 
 Fender   Fender U.S.A. `91 `57 Precision Bass R.I.  Fender U.S.A. `91 `57 Precision Bass R.I.
Mojo Machine, USA style! A great lighter weight earlier Corona built version that has seen plenty of miles. Plenty of dings chips n player wear, but , surprisingly virtually zero fret wear. Has the original tweed hardcase that has travelled just as many miles & , again surprisingly has nearly all th...
 $1,750.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   ~SOLD~Greco Japan non-reverse Thunderbird bass type  ~SOLD~Greco Japan non-reverse Thunderbird bass type
Quite probably the rarest instrument we have ever had in the shop in nearly 7 years. I have never seen another, either in R.L. or even in catalogues.. or even on the Intererent! Complete with original hardcase. Please get in touch for more details...
 $1,550.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   Greco Japan `78 RB700N - Rickenbacker 4001 type  Greco Japan `78 RB700N - Rickenbacker 4001 type
A wonderful find & in near mint condition. This instrument is genuinely 36 years old, but it looks virtually un-played. ZERO fret wear & has been fitted with nylon tapewound strings that give it low-end that has to heard to be believed. Comes with correct for era hardcase.

Please get in touc...
 $1,540.00  Add to Order 
 Orville   ~SOLD~Orville by Gibson Thunderbird Bass  ~SOLD~Orville by Gibson Thunderbird Bass
Yet again, living,playing & rockin' proof the best Gibsons built since Kalamazoo where made in Japan! Seriously, if you can actually find a new "real" Gibson Thunderbird bass anywhere in town, go try it. Doesn't matter how CHEAP you can buy it for, it will never be the musical instrument this one is...
 $1,475.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   ~SOLD~Greco Japan `85 Violin Bass Hofner type  ~SOLD~Greco Japan `85 Violin Bass Hofner type
Yet another from the "if only I could get more of these" box.. I only manage to find one of these every 1-2 years and they never fail to impress. The bottom end out of this design is simply jaw dropping, unbelievable when you A/B it with a precision. So, if you a lefty who has always wanted one, or ...
 $1,320.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~HOLD~Fender Japan C.I.J. "Q" series `62 Fretless Jazz Bass R.I.  ~HOLD~Fender Japan C.I.J. "Q" series `62 Fretless Jazz Bass R.I.
We just turned 7 years old (yea, you missed the party, sorry) and this is kind of a birthday present to ourselves..Few things are as cool to just mess around on in quiet times than a LEFTY FRETLESS BASS!! And, it's the 1st & only left handed fretless we have seen in the shop in that 7 years. If you ...
 $1,290.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan MIJ U series LEFTY AeroDyne Jazz Bass AJB-lh  ~SOLD~Fender Japan MIJ U series LEFTY AeroDyne Jazz Bass AJB-lh
RARE in lefty,this is the first one we have ever had in!
2010-12 produced LEFT HANDED AeroDyne Jazz bass-White with matching headstock . With Orig Handtag & FJ gigbag. Solid 9/10 condition, zero visible fret wear. Some minor marking to the pickguard.Please get in touch for more details/pics if ...
 $1,250.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   ~SOLD~Greco Japan `77 RIC 4001 type  ~SOLD~Greco Japan `77 RIC 4001 type
Like to play cool. liquid & smooth flowing bass lines underpinning the guitar & keys diminished minor appegioerized explorations? Each new tune yet another excursion up & down the whole neck, every fret & every string?? THEN KEEP LOOKING ,PAL, this one ain't for you!! This one is for us REAL world b...
 $1,250.00  Add to Order 
 Aria   ~SOLD~Aria Japan PMB 4001 RIC type  ~SOLD~Aria Japan PMB 4001 RIC type
Can't find the $ for a real old RIC 4001 or V64 Reissue?? Join the club! This is a whole lot of damn close for a lot less money & comes with a hardcase. Why not come in & compare it to the 2 "real deal" USA made style we have in stock?...
 $1,190.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan 2001 Mustang Bass Competion Model  ~SOLD~Fender Japan 2001 Mustang Bass Competion Model
Coolest bass in the shop EVER? Well, definitely a contender, a perfect combination of colour, style and comfy short scale. If you are a guitar player looking to expand your collection or a bass player who knows the unique sound these have, I doubt you will find better in a hurry. For a short scale t...
 $1,190.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan C.I.J. "P" series `57 Precision Bass R.I.  ~SOLD~Fender Japan C.I.J. "P" series `57 Precision Bass R.I.
C.I.J. Precision reissue in above average condition for age. Gold anodized pickguard & 2 colour sunburst ALWAYS works, the added pickup & bridge covers just top this one off. Please get in touch for more details...
 $1,190.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" Series Compition Mustang Bass reis  ~SOLD~Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" Series Compition Mustang Bass reis
Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" series Competition Mustang Bass

Current Production Made in Japan T series (2010-11) short scale Mustang bass in Competition Orange Finish . Near mint/as new condition
Comes with 12 Month in Shop Warranty & orig Padded Fender Japan gigbag.
 $1,150.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" `75 Black series Jazz Bass R.I.  Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" `75 Black series Jazz Bass R.I.
Modeled after the rare `60s Black Headstock Fender's , this F.J. is probably going to be just as rare in years to come. The orig decal is under the black paint, just like the originals, with only the Fender showing. This 2007-10 made example is in "as new" condition, with a bridge cover having been ...
 $1,100.00  Add to Order 
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