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Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" series `52 Telecaster Reissue
Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" series `52 Telecaster Reissue
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 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker USA `00 Model 4003-S/8  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker USA `00 Model 4003-S/8
I hear Rickenbackers are hard to find and they didn't make many of they 8 string basses..... Must make this one with it's original case and pickup cover kind of a find......
 $3,450.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `78 Model 4001 Bass - White  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `78 Model 4001 Bass - White
Rare Rickenbacker U.S.A. Model 4001 Bass, factory white with original black pickguard. 1978 production. In way better average condition for age, for this model. Usual minor separation of fingerboard , way better than most exampls of this age. Pickguard has 2nd set of matching screwholes under the gu...
 $4,580.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `75 Model 4001 Bass - Fireglo  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `75 Model 4001 Bass - Fireglo
Beautiful Fireglo example of the classic Rickenbacker Model 4001 bass. 100% original instrument in later RIC ABS case. Has fading on the back from sitting in a studio window for several years, with an un faded area from where it was sitting on a stand. Set up & "plays itself" as they would say in Am...
 $2,640.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `74 Model 4001 LEFTY Mapleglo  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `74 Model 4001 LEFTY Mapleglo
100% original, inc case.

Like I said, I'm not hiding the good stuff anymore......
 $4,950.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `73 Model 4001 Bass-Fireglo  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `73 Model 4001 Bass-Fireglo
Late `73 Model 4001, Fireglo. late `73 still features chequerboard binding & toaster pickup in the neck position, but fingerboard inlays are now the newer version, not full neck width. All visible pot dates are from 73, the original cap. is still over the bridge pickup,easily bypassed if needed, but...
 $4,400.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `13 Model 4003 Bass Jetglo  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `13 Model 4003 Bass Jetglo
All original RIC Model 4003 in beautiful Jetglo finish. Still has remnants of the "Made in America" decal on the pickguard.
Has the Vintage/Modern push-pull pot.

Comes with originl RIC hardcase...
 $2,970.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `12 Model 4003 Jetglo LH Left Handed  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `12 Model 4003 Jetglo LH Left Handed
Been way too long since we had ay lefty RIC basses in & now we have 2! First up is this near mint 2012 Model 4003 in Jetglo. Has the modern wiring with the vintage option. All original,hardware, pickups, wiring etc.
Comes with original Ricknbacker silver vintage type hardcase.

 $2,950.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `07 Model 4003 Mapleglo  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `07 Model 4003 Mapleglo
Year 2007 USA produced Model 4003 in Mapleglo. Has been a player , has signs of general wear,player marks & small dings here & there, but no major damage , no buckle-rash & frets are in very good condition. One minor blemish on back of neck, as shown.

Comes with original RIC case....
 $2,530.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `02 Model 4003 Midnight Blue  ~SOLD~Rickenbacker U.S.A. `02 Model 4003 Midnight Blue
In way above average condition for a genuine working person's instrument, let alone the usual guff about how hard to find, rare colour etc etc. Please get in touch for further details & genuine offers, we are more than happy to work with you.

Comes with original RIC ABS case & 12 month in-sh...
 $3,590.00  Add to Order 
 Rickenbacker   ~SOLD~Rick 4003 Bass Lefty  ~SOLD~Rick 4003 Bass Lefty
It seems to be getting harder and harder to find a Rick bass these days, let alone a lefty. We have a 1995 FireGlo lefty 4003 in stock ready to go.The look and sound all in one beautiful package. It has a few scars from actually being played (shock,horror!!) ,but the price does include an original L...
 $2,490.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~SOLD~Maton Model 402/4 Hollowbody Bass  ~SOLD~Maton Model 402/4 Hollowbody Bass
They don't come much Finer or Funkier than this South of The Border baby.. An' I mean South of the NSW border! Hard for me to date this old classic, but no problem plugging it in and listening to that sweet deep tone. Kinda a lot like an old Gibson EB hollowbody , but without the hefty price tag. Th...
 $1,480.00  Add to Order 
 Ibanez   ~SOLD~Ibanez Japan `83  Musician Bass lefty left handed  ~SOLD~Ibanez Japan `83 Musician Bass lefty left handed
EVER seen another one of these ANYWHERE EVER?? I certainly haven't!...
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Guild & De Armond   ~SOLD~Guild U.S.A. B4CE LEFTY Left handed  ~SOLD~Guild U.S.A. B4CE LEFTY Left handed
`96 Lefty Guild Westerly Made B4CE-NT. Are you serious??

1 of supposedly 5-6 ever made, but I think there may be a few more...like maybe 10...or even 20 out there!!

Comes with heavy duty gigbag,please get in touch for more details...
 $2,200.00  Add to Order 
 Gretsch   ~SOLD~Gretsch Japan `03 6119B-LH Broadkaster Bass  ~SOLD~Gretsch Japan `03 6119B-LH Broadkaster Bass
Ultra-rare & now long discontinued Gretsch 6119B LH. Yep, a real deal M.I.J. LEFTY Gretsch bass. In excellent condtion, but loses points for the re-located strap button & consequential extra hole in the upper bout.
Remarkable bright acoustic tone, but is is all low end thump & growl once it's pl...
 $2,500.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   ~SOLD~Greco Japan `90 Thunderbird bass type  ~SOLD~Greco Japan `90 Thunderbird bass type
Super clean Greco Thunderbird (type) from February 1990.
Sounds as good as it looks, plays as good as it sounds.

Pickups much closer to orig tone & output of `60s originals than current "G" brand to my ears.
ZERO visible fret wear or signs of wear or damage. But, please bear in ...
 $1,430.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   ~SOLD~Greco Japan Electric Bass  ~SOLD~Greco Japan Electric Bass
This is one SOLID piece of `70s J-guitar mania! Not as heavy as some real Fenders from the era, but it's getting close. And, there is a certain sound that only solid chunks of ash can achieve, and this has it in spades. Overall in 8.5/10 condition, no major damage of any type, but does signs of gene...
 $825.00  Add to Order 
 Gibson   ~SOLD~Gibson U.S.A. `66 EB-2 Sunburst  ~SOLD~Gibson U.S.A. `66 EB-2 Sunburst
All thump and wallop, has original nylon strings still on it! Definition...NOT!Thump that you can hear across the street.. yep! Cool.. oh yeah!!!

Has the original pickguard, mute assembly, cover in the case...
 $3,350.00  Add to Order 
 Fender   ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. `77 Mustang Bass  ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. `77 Mustang Bass
Literally the first Fullerton U.S.A. Mustang bass to ever grace our walls! And it is just a perfect example, I personally LOVE late `70s Sunburst. Never been messed with in 40 years, both pot dates from 1977, output jack may have been replaced. Pickups are factory original, even has the label with m...
 $2,590.00  Add to Order 
 Fender   ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. 1978 Precision Bass  ~SOLD~Fender U.S.A. 1978 Precision Bass
Made in Fullerton , CA, U.S.A. in the original Fender factory, circa 1978/79. Aged & Ancient Warrior Bass! You can tell this bass has been there , done that & ready to do it all again. SUPER lightweight for the era, they can be real back-breakers from this period. S8 serial number on the headstock &...
 $2,530.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan MIJ U series LEFTY AeroDyne Jazz Bass AJB-lh  ~SOLD~Fender Japan MIJ U series LEFTY AeroDyne Jazz Bass AJB-lh
RARE in lefty,this is the first one we have ever had in!
2010-12 produced LEFT HANDED AeroDyne Jazz bass-White with matching headstock . With Orig Handtag & FJ gigbag. Solid 9/10 condition, zero visible fret wear. Some minor marking to the pickguard.Please get in touch for more details/pics if ...
 $1,250.00  Add to Order 
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