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Greco Japan `77 SuperSounds Strat type
Greco Japan `77 SuperSounds Strat type
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 Aria   Aria Japan `70s Rickenbacker 4001 bass copy  Aria Japan `70s Rickenbacker 4001 bass copy
Great looking, playing & sounding Aria R*ckenbacker type bass with original hard case. Bolt on neck would suggest late `70s production, most likely Matsumoko. Woody `60s tone, lots of mids in the bridge position, neck pickup is very warm.

More details to follow...
 $880.00  Add to Order 
 Eastwood Guitars   Eastwood Guitars Classic 4  Eastwood Guitars Classic 4
The semi-hollow body CLASSIC 4 design takes from the famous 60ís "Country Classic " look and the 30" scale allowed us to develop an instrument with great balance and feel. You will find this BASS will become your everyday player that you can for hours!...
 $1,100.00  Add to Order 
 Eastwood Guitars   Eastwood Guitars Saturn IV Bass  Eastwood Guitars Saturn IV Bass
Eastwood Saturn IV

This tribute to the rare 1968 VOX Saturn has a very slim neck and full hollow body design. It may not become your everyday bass, but when you really want that cool 60's hollow sound, it will be your go-to instrument on stage and in the studio!

< Body: Boun...
 $1,040.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   Fender Japan "Q" series Precison Bass Standard  Fender Japan "Q" series Precison Bass Standard
Fender Japan Standard P bass from 2002-04 production era....
 $860.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" series `62 Jazz Bass Reissue-Black  Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" series `62 Jazz Bass Reissue-Black
Great Condition for age. 1 tiny scratch on the upper bout is about all to report on this one. Frets & neck in great condition. Replacement pearloid pickguard on the black finish really makes this instrument stand out.

Comes with 12 month in-shop warranty & gigbag...
 $975.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" `75 Jazz Bass Reissue  Fender Japan C.I.J. "O" `75 Jazz Bass Reissue
Picture perfect 1997-2000 production Fender Japan `75 Jazz Bass in sunburst. Block inlays with rosewood fingerboard. In overall 9/10 condition. All hardware electronics pickups etc 100% factory original. Frets are at least 90%, look brand new. No major scratches dings or marks on the front, but pick...
 $1,290.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   Fender Japan C.I.J. "P" series AeroDyne Jazz Bass  Fender Japan C.I.J. "P" series AeroDyne Jazz Bass
Player grade 1999-2002 produced AeroDyne Jazz Bass with always popular P/J pickups. Shows plenty of battle scars,especially on the back, but frets in amazingly good condition. Pickups & electronics in 100% working order.Hardware all original & working 100%.

Please get in touch for more detail...
 $875.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   Fender Japan M.I.J. "J" series `57 Precision Bass R.I.  Fender Japan M.I.J. "J" series `57 Precision Bass R.I.
Classic Black `57 Precision Bass reissue from 1989-90 Made in Japan era. Great condition for a 25 odd year old bass, in 8.5/10 overall condition. Frets at 90%+, only a few very minor signs of wear. A few signs of general player wear, but no major scratches, dings or damage. Electronics, pickups all ...
 $990.00  Add to Order 
 Fender   Fender P Bass, Fender Precision Bass,Fender Jazz Bass ,Fender Mu  Fender P Bass, Fender Precision Bass,Fender Jazz Bass ,Fender Mu
 $0.00  Add to Order 
 Fender   Fender U.S.A. 1978 Precision Bass  Fender U.S.A. 1978 Precision Bass
Made in Fullerton , CA, U.S.A. in the original Fender factory, circa 1978/79. Aged & Ancient Warrior Bass! You can tell this bass has been there , done that & ready to do it all again. SUPER lightweight for the era, they can be real back-breakers from this period. S8 serial number on the headstock &...
 $2,530.00  Add to Order 
 Gibson   Gibson U.S.A. `97 Thunderbird Tobacco Sunburst  Gibson U.S.A. `97 Thunderbird Tobacco Sunburst
Classic Gibson U.S.A. made Thunderbird from 1997. Above average condition for age, but does show some signs of general player wear.NO neck or headstock breaks! All original pickups & electronics. Zero visible fret-wear. Genuine ebony fingerboard...a relic of the olden days!

Comes with 12 mo...
 $1,920.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   Greco Japan Electric Bass  Greco Japan Electric Bass
This is one SOLID piece of `70s J-guitar mania! Not as heavy as some real Fenders from the era, but it's getting close. And, there is a certain sound that only solid chunks of ash can achieve, and this has it in spades. Overall in 8.5/10 condition, no major damage of any type, but does signs of gene...
 $825.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   Greco Japan `75 Electric Bass P Bass type  Greco Japan `75 Electric Bass P Bass type
Matsumoku produced vintage Greco "Electric Bass" Precision Bass Copy circa 1975. All the hallmarks of the timeless P design,super solid feel, genuine 40 year old mojo, without the price-tag. In remarkably good condition for age, showing very little in the way of player wear. A few minor marks here &...
 $770.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   Greco Japan `79 Violin Bass LEFT HANDED Lefty Beatle bass type  Greco Japan `79 Violin Bass LEFT HANDED Lefty Beatle bass type
Very rare & very cool LEFTY Greco Violin Bass type with hardcase, Made in Japan in April 1979. In well above average condition for it's 36 years, has a few minor marks & has lost the cap off one of the volume controls. Currently strung with nylon tape-wound strings, it sounds fantastic with bottom e...
 $1,100.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   Greco Japan `90 Thunderbird Bass type  Greco Japan `90 Thunderbird Bass type
1990 production Greco Thunderbird. Black with black hardware. It's ,you know, like the blackest thing in the shop, innit.

More detail on request. With gigbag & 12 month in-shop Warranty...
 $990.00  Add to Order 
 Ibanez   Ibanez Japan Roadstar II Bass RB824  Ibanez Japan Roadstar II Bass RB824
 $825.00  Add to Order 
 Other   ~HOLD~Aria Japan `79 Precise Bass - Matsumoku  ~HOLD~Aria Japan `79 Precise Bass - Matsumoku
More Matsumoko mania, madness, mayhem n magic!

This Aria "Precise Bass" is worth buying for the headstock logo alone, but worth playing & owning for many other reasons. This Matsumoko masterpiece really shows ALL the reasons that the Big 2 were so scared during the late 1970's. The build qual...
 $940.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~ Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" `75 Black series Jazz Bass R.I.  ~SOLD~ Fender Japan M.I.J. "T" `75 Black series Jazz Bass R.I.
Modeled after the rare `60s Black Headstock Fender's , this F.J. is probably going to be just as rare in years to come. The orig decal is under the black paint, just like the originals, with only the Fender showing. This 2007-10 made example is in "as new" condition, with a bridge cover having been ...
 $1,100.00  Add to Order 
 Greco   ~SOLD~ Greco Japan `78 Rickenback*r Model 4001 type Lawsuit Era  ~SOLD~ Greco Japan `78 Rickenback*r Model 4001 type Lawsuit Era
A perfect copy?? A better than perfect copy?? Back in 1978 Greco had the copy thing NAILED! Cool-school Checkerboard binding, 3 piece neck thru, control knobs, hardware etc are just so RIGHT. And, all for a great price & amazing condition for age....
 $1,250.00  Add to Order 
 Fender Japan Used & Vintage   ~SOLD~Fender Japan "JV" series Squier Jazz Bass  ~SOLD~Fender Japan "JV" series Squier Jazz Bass
A great player from what is probably one of the Fender Companies best era's. The original Squiers sure shook the tree at Fullerton HQ and for good reason. Great value, great playing ,great sounding instruments that were so much more consistant than the USA product of the day. 25 years or so on and ...
 $1,100.00  Add to Order 
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